Choosing Acupuncture For Fertility Can Improve Chances Of Getting Pregnant

At the present time, acupuncture as a form of treatment is not that accepted in Western countries. It serves as an alternative medicine but it is not most of the time considered to be the priority treatment. However, recently, there has been an increase in popularity to this kind of treatment to many doctors. Although there is no scientific evidence that it works as a form of treatment, there are testimonies that speak to its effectiveness. There are studies also that show that it can improve fertility. If not as a sole treatment, it is already recognized as a treatment that can be used together with another treatment to increase chances of pregnancy.

As told, acupuncture is not that useful when used for pregnancy issues alone. It is actually more effective for much simpler problems like irregular ovulation. The reason behind its effectiveness for ovulation problem is its capacity to increase the blood regulation to reproductive areas, regulate the functions of the body and improve hormone levels in the body. In women, the effect is regularized ovulation and for men, the effect is increase in sperm count.

For pregnancy issues, it is said that it's good to use acupuncture together with another treatment. Acupuncture is said to reduce the stress in undergoing the process. Women admit that some medical treatments are highly stressful and that it's more interesting and relaxing to undergo acupuncture. In 2002, there was a study that tested the effectiveness of acupuncture and in vitro fertilization as applied to a group of women. The study also tested the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization alone as applied to another group of women. The study claimed that using both treatments together benefits the women who wanted to get pregnant. Also, women who undergo acupuncture are less likely to experience miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies, a study said.

Not all people are pro-acupuncture but if you think that this is the treatment that you'd like to try, there are several things that you need to remember. The doctor whom you will entrust the acupuncture procedure should be licensed or at least well trained in the field. There are necessary documents that will prove if a doctor is capable of doing such procedures. Also, don't forget to consider the cost in undergoing the procedure. Understand that your insurance company may or many not cover the expenses of this procedure that you are going to take.

Article Source: Louise C Collins


  1. This is true. Fertility acupuncture, in a way would seem like it is impossible to work on infertility since it is from the idea that there should be a balance in the energy within our body. But if you would look closely to this form of treatment, it would appear that it actually follows biological principles more than just fictitious belief.